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Sperm Freezing

If you are planning for a baby and are unable to do so because of your male partner’s fertility issues or his unavailable then you can plan the pregnancy in advance by opting for sperm freezing. Read to know all about sperm freezing and how it can be done. 

What is sperm freezing?

Known as cryopreservation and semen banking, sperm freezing is a technique involving preserving sperms to use it in the future. The sperm is freezed and stored in liquid nitrogen at temperature of -196 ⁰C and is later used for fertilization of the egg in treatments like IUI, IVF and IUSI. 

Sperms can be freezed using two techniques i.e. slow freezing and vitrification. The process of vitrification involves freezing the sperm at rapid cooling to prevent the formation of ice crystals. Forming of crystals can be damaging to the embryo. 

When do you need sperm freezing?

With the unpredictable nature of life, sperm freezing is essential.  One may opt for sperm freezing due to the below reasons:

  • If the male is going to opt for vasectomy
  • If the male is going to undertake pelvic or testicular surgery
  • To use it for infertility treatment in absence of the male partner
  • In cases where the male is about to get medical treatment which may have an impact on his fertility
  • If male partner has diabetes
  • If the male partner is involved in any profession that involves huge risk to his life (member of the Army)
  • Back up option for IVF/IUI treatment i.e. if the male partner is unable to produce the sperm on the day of the treatment out of nervousness.

What does the sperm freezing involve?

Sperm freezing involves the below process:

  • Male is screened for infections such as hepatitis, HIV and syphilis
  • Blood test is carried out to rule any other infection
  • Written consent is obtained from the male for his involvement in the sperm freezing process. The written consent is taken to decide whether what should happen to the sperm if the male dies or if it is to be donated in the long run.
  • Abstaining from intercourse is necessary before collecting the semen sample
  • The male will have to then produce a fresh sample at the facility of the clinic. Most clinics have private room built for men for this purpose.
  • If the sperm is not previously tested, comprehensive semen analysis is done to get a clear picture of the sperm quality and quantity. 
  • To assess the total number of moving sperms, each specimen is analyzed
  • The specimen is divided into small batches and transferred into vials for freezing purpose
  • The tubes are then frozen in liquid nitrogen vapor. After a span of 30-45 minutes, the sperm is then transferred to liquid nitrogen tanks for permanent storage.

FAQs on Sperm Freezing

What can one do with frozen sperms?

Frozen sperms can be used for the following:

  • For fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI or ICSI
  • Sperm Donation

What is the cost of sperm freezing in India?

How can Credit Fair help in the sperm freezing process?

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For how long can the sperm be stored?

Sperm can be stored for a period of 10 years.